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Value creation with data,

not hype

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Implement an OMO

Outcomes Management Office

Driving Results: The OMO mission is Beyond building Business Cases

With a Value-as-a-Service from VALTICS, your teams:


Can monetize any emerging technology, such as AI

Your teams will be able to monetize and unleash the economic and strategic value of any investment in disruptive technologies, such as AI, Advanced Analytics, IoT, Blockchain, and any digital transformation initiative.


Can sell the ROI of
any technology to
the C-Suite

Your external and internal customers will better understand the ROI of AI, intelligent automation, IoT, and any emerging technology.


Will be able to select the best solutions for your digital transformation

Powered by the StrategyOps Framework, the VALTICS VaaS solution will enable your teams to rank and prioritize the best solutions to sustain and increase your enterprise revenue and profitability  


Will increase the likelihood of AI & Digital projects' success

With VaaS, your enterprises can prevent investments in AI, automation, Cloud, and other technologies from failing, by defining clear metrics for the solution provider and beneficiaries.


Be more productive

Business cases in Excel take a long time to prepare and are usually confusing and unsubstantiated.  The reports from the VALTICS platform are clear, easy to generate, and compelling.   


Market Need

Enterprises need a structured and effective system to assess and measure the value that new digital & AI-centered initiatives create for the enterprise.


Business cases take a long time and are not always prepared. When they are done, they do not present a clear assessment of the economic benefits, and risk of not doing an investment.

The need for innovation and agility in enterprises has made it even more difficult for individuals and teams to determine the economic benefits and ROI of digital & AI-centered initiatives.


VALTICS enables individuals and teams to easily identify, assess and economically quantify the benefits of any digital and AI investment, and quickly generate a complete and compelling value-creation case, for internal or external customers.


C-level executives can compare and rank digital and AI initiatives and portfolios based on the economic and strategic value created in their enterprise.


What is VaaS?

VALTICS offers a subscription-based Value-as-a-Service (VaaS) to technology providers and technology adopters.  VaaS is powered by our VALTICS SaaS platform and our proprietary NLP-based VALTICS Vault™️ and VALTICS Quant™️, giving subscribers access to a repository of 400+ value creation Uses Cases for disruptive technology solutions and 1000+ economically quantified and curated KPI Outcomes.  

VALTICS enables technology providers to communicate their solutions' economic outcomes and ROI to their customers. Technology buyers and digital transformation teams also use VaaS in their innovation, project value management, portfolio management, and value engineering practices.

•VaaS is the Value as a Service Solution from VALTICS.

•An enterprise-level, end-to-end value management, and value-selling solution.

•The product of 25 years of consulting expertise and value creation model evolution... reimagined as an on-demand, subscription-based service.

•The four components of the VALTICS Value as a Service (VaaS) solution include:


The future of Enterprise Value Management,
Value Selling and Value Creation Analytics is


VALTICS Value-as-a-Service Solutions


Provider Rapid ROI Edition

For B2B field sales organizations and channel partners that need to quickly present the ROI of solutions to their customers.


Enterprise Value Edition

For enterprises that need their teams to consistently and rapidly construct any business case, by searching thousands of possible KPI-based outcomes with pre-quantified economic benefits.


Provider Value Selling Edition

For B2B pre-sales, marketing, services and solution architects, which need to present complete business cases in the justification of their solutions, using pre-configured value creation templates.


Ultimate Value Edition

For organizations that need a guarantee that all the necessary benefits - with the means of economic quantification and metrics - are always available for all projects and initiatives considered by the enterprise.


Reason for adopting VALTICS

  • Faster identification of benefits

  • Easily find pre-built benefits’ formulas

  • Understand how to measure each benefit

  • Guidance on the uncertainty of forecasted improvements with: a) Categorization
    b)Likelihood of occurrence
    c)Three scenarios

  • Assess the economic risk of no investment

  • Easy to do scenarios for a Business Case

  • Fast and easy sensitivity analysis

  • Clear, transparent and objective presentation of benefits

  • Quick generation of business cases in PowerPoint

  • Maintain cases in VALTICS database after employees leave company

  • Teams collaborate in the preparation of a business case


iGrafx helps companies discover, design, create, and monitor their business processes. VALTICS created the Value Model for the iGrafx Process Design solution, which is used by iGrafx marketing and sales teams to communicate the economic outcomes and ROI of iGrafx’s solution.


The University of Akron has been a subscriber of the VALTICS Value as a Service (VaaS) solution since 2020, for the identification and quantification of the economic and strategic benefits of their core IT initiatives, such as moving the on-premise ERP to a cloud SaaS environment.

Dia Group, a large retail European corporation, uses the VALTICS VaaS service to assess and quantify the economic benefits and ROI of all their digital transformation initiatives in multiple countries in Europe and South America.


Inventfor and VALTICS formed a strategic alliance to help companies justify their AI and ML investments through value models to enable business leaders understand the value and the benefits of their AI solutions.


Farmacias Benavides, a division of Walgreens Booth Alliance, used the VALTICS Value as a Service (VaaS) to identify and quantify the economic and strategic benefits of replacing their category management solution for all of their pharmacies.


Global Lynx, a leading IT consulting and training company, uses VaaS from VALTICS to develop value-creation templates for Global Lynx’s IT solutions.  Global Lynx’s order closure rate increased with the improved value selling practice based on the VALTICS methods and reports generated with the VALTICS SaaS platform.


As part of their digital transformation initiative, Afore XXI Banorte used the VALTICS Value as a Service (VaaS) to prepare the complete Business Value Plan for replacing their enterprise core system.  It included the identification and means of economically quantifying all the tangible and intangible benefits of their digital transformation initiative.


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VALTICS is a SaaS solution based on the most advanced value management and value selling framework, that brings sophisticated business case preparation, portfolio management, and strategic planning, to more simplified tasks.

Enterprises can easily create value models and templates to enable their teams to quickly and effectively communicate the value of solutions to internal or external customers.

The VALTICS Enterprise edition is powered by twenty-years of value creation data derived from thousands of enterprises worldwide, providing the only large footprint of economic benefits and business outcomes in all industries.

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