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StrategyOps Executive Roundtable
Columbus 2023

Democratizing Transformation at the Speed of Now!


An Exclusive VALTICS Event for CIOs and Transformation Executives

May 25, 2023 - 7:30 to  11:00 AM.

Scioto Country Club, Columbus, Ohio.

A Strategy for data-driven Humans + Machines teams to enable hyperadaptive Operating Models.

Why Attend?

Disrupting technologies, such as AI, Blockchain, and IoT, fundamentally change how work gets done.  Technology leaders, business executives, and the C-suite must collaborate to prioritize strategic needs and define the economic outcomes and ROI of initiatives and investments.

About StrategyOps

StrategyOps is a movement, practice, and approach that integrates the enterprise business strategy with dynamic and intelligent operations.

It aims to get the business areas and technology teams to collaborate with the C-suite to identify and prioritize strategic needs, develop a data-driven Human + Machine workforce, and monetize investments in disruptive technologies.

Roundtable Objectives

Join us for an exclusive roundtable event where you will have the opportunity to network with fourty to fifty peer CIOs and CXOs to discuss the most pressing strategic and transformation challenges like:


  • Best practices for prioritizing investments in data-driven Human + Machine solutions.

  • How to democratize digital transformation and enable Strategic Agility in the enterprise.

  • Core elements of a StrategyOps practice.


During an interactive workshop, Ruben Melendez, and other members of VALTICS, will present an approach to democratizing transformation, innovation, and monetizing investments in disruptive technologies. The session will include a continental breakfast and a roundtable discussion by all attendees.

This by-invitation-only event is exclusively for CIOs, COOs, CTOs, CDOs, and C-level Transformation Leaders.  If you received this flyer and would like to be considered for an invitation, contact

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The content of the StrategyOps framework shared during the roundtable will be under the license of StrategyOps Institute.

Copyright 2023 VALTICS LLC  

 All right reserved

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